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60                                         FLOBA   INDICA,
2.  In the herbarium of the British Museimi there aro se-
veral small collections,, which are of great importance* to the
Indian botanist, especially one containing many of Loumro's
plants, which are not readily recognizable, at all events us to
species, by the descriptions in the 'Flora Cochmohiiu'usis.'
There are also a considerable number of specimens forwarded
to Sir Joseph Banks by Roxburgh, Hamilton, and Russell,
which are occasionally of use in determining the species de-
scribed by Roxburgh.    It contains also a fair but not a full
set of the Wallichian herbarium.    The British Museum also
contains Konig's collections and manuscripts, Kampfer's Ja-
pan and other plants, and Hermann's herbarium.
3.  Dr. Wight's earlier collections, wlricli were distributed
in 1832-3, have been enumerated iu detail iu the ' Prodromus
Florae Peninsulas,' and ha^ been in part described iu that
work.   Dr. Wight went back to India in 18&J-, and has, as we
have already said, devoted prodigious zeal and energy to the
advancement of Indian botany; he returned to England iu
1853, with enormous collections, chiefly from the mountain-
ous parts of Southern India.    To these wo have boon allowed
the freest access; and though the mass of duplicates is as yet
only partially unpacked, an admirably selected not of speci-
mens has enabled us to determine with accuracy all his spedes.
4.  The collections of Mr. Griffith were made iu various
parts of India.    Their contents may be known by a reference
to his posthumous notes and journals, published in Calcutta
under the auspices of the Indian Government; in general
terms they include collections from Malacca, Tenasseritii, the
Khasia Mountains; aud the whole Aswum Valley, Mishmi
and Naga lulls aud the upper Trawadi, Calcutta, Bhotun,
Simla, Sincl, and Afghanistan.    It is unfortunate that these
fine herbaria should have been distributed  promiscuously,
without any determinate plan, uud without any reference to his
published notes and journals, which rolia the collections of
half their value, aud the jounwta of more thuu half tltdrtf,
This is the more to be regretted, u* Mr. tJi'illith'a collect ioun